Site is up!

Hello there!

It took a while, but the time finally seemed right. A nice little corner has been created deep within the webs of Internet, dedicated to our game projects! The website is quite simple, but it does the trick for now. Before anything else; let me introduce ourselves…

Wolfware Entertainment is a small-scale indie game studio, mainly consisting of two guys from Oslo, Norway. We met each other at the Norwegian School of Information Technology, both studying for a bachelor in Game Design. Just after school, we decided to team up with the intention of learning more about our passion, and hopefully create some experiences ourselves.

Three years have passed, and we’re still working on our first project.

Ole Henrik is responsible for designing the contents for the game. This includes creating the graphics, building the levels and planning the features.

Aleksander‘s responsibility is about the more technical aspects, primarily programming/scripting.

Our focus is to create polished and fun experiences, prioritizing the gameplay above anything else.


Aleksander & Ole Henrik at Wolfware