“The Milky Way Defender”

UFOs!? They must be here to destroy mankind, and take our resourceful planet for themselves, right? No… It’s worse; they’re here to kidnap our precious cows!

Our first game is called “The Milky Way Defender”. MWD is a tower defense and puzzle game where the player must hinder so-called eyeliens from reaching our cows by building… you guessed it; towers!


We decided early on that instead of trying to reinvent the genre completely, we’d focus on polishing and refining the basic tower defense principles. We are creating a tower defense, simply because we love the genre, and the potential we see in this approach.

The goal with MWD has been to create something that’s easy to understand, yet always offer a good challenge. We strive to make every level offer a new layout, with new mechanics and different strategies.

MWD is a little more “tight” and challenging than most typical tower defense games. We are, however, offering a lot of strategical information, such as where enemies will spawn and how well they’re represented compared to earlier. The point of this is to make the experience feel a little more like a puzzle, with more dependence on actual logical “solutions” on how to solve levels.  Which, for us, seems more fun than randomly building and upgrading until the level is over (which I find often is the case with TD games).

iphone_image1After three years of development, our game is almost complete. We are now in the process of making final adjustments and extra content. It’s awfully important for us that we don’t rush for a mediocre release after all this time and effort.

With this, we have barely scratched surface of our game. New updates with more information will come rapidly until the game is released. Please stay tuned!

Best regards!

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